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Blogger Platform or Wordpress Platform Which One Do You Prefer

Have you been thinking of owing a blog while you are so confused of which platform that will be best for you?

Owing a blog is very simple but I will want you to think more than twice because it require some dedications and persistence. Always remember that blogging is like planting a seed or tree which their harvest do take longer time or period, for instance palm tree, palm tree take longer period of years before you can start reaping from it so you need to have this in your mind.
If you are ready for the task then we can now talk about which platform to put in for, do not forget we have blogger platform and WordPress platform, am not saying that is the two platform that exist but the known and most used platform are the two mentioned above if you will like to consider anyone know the algorithm behind it before you walk into it.

Blogger Vs WordPress 

Firstly, what do you understand by blogger platform?

A blogging platform is a software or service or a vehicle which allow you to publish your content on internet for people to see and read inform of articles. Blog platform is a specific form of a content management system. ... These days many people will use either a website builder (like or or a blogging software (like WordPress).

Now, Know about Blogger Platform 
Blogger platform is a free platform which an average or beginner can start with without spending a penny as much as you have your computer and internet connection ready.

WordPress Platform
WordPress ( is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system, referred to within WordPress as Themes.

What you need to know about Blogger ( and Wordpress ( is a platform just exactly I have said before it allow you to own a free domain without paying a dime for example,  which you can easily start with, and later buy a custom domain from any of the domain seller, though it's not compulsory you buy a custom domain but for the same of professionalism it might be needed. is also a plugin build platform that ease the stress of coding even if you are not an expert, it is easy to operate as much as we have different plugin to help you out. it has over 40000 built in plugin and it is very available for use even though we have some paid one too but more than what you can work with free plugin is available.

If you don't want to spend a dime at initial stage using WordPress then you can check on which is different from, after using that for a while then you can get your custom domain the keep piloting your platform has gone beyond just the normal few template they offer, we have different vendors that sells or give out free template which can easily download and install, all you need is little touch for manipulation.

The two platforms are good depending on your choice but as a newbie you can start with blogger platform which later you can migrate to WordPress platform. 

I will be teaching you how to create blogger account with blogspot extension and also having a wordpress free account. This will be available in video tutorial.

And before that, stay tune as you get more update from us. Thumbs up

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