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Here Is An Alternative To Your Damage Webcam

It's now easy to make a good video call chat with perfect high definition output, i'm going to leave you with this which might be very useful probably if you are used to making video call on Skype, Hangouts or Zoom, as we all know  that this is lockdown period which everyone seem working from home so this will be very useful.
You don't need to go pay an exorbitant price on webcam or repair if it's not working do not feel bad as much as you have your smartphone with your then you are good, this was posted on Android police so for the benefit of our reader then cross your leg and read.

I'm sure you have your smartphone ready, so this is what you do, first decide which mobile device to connect to your computer and act as its webcam or act as a standalone camera.

You'd going to need a particular app called DroidCam or Iriun on your Android which will enable your computer to recognize your phone as a webcam as long as they're connected via USB or through the same wireless network.

This process also work on Linux, Mac, Window or Ubuntu machine so no barrier if you want to use, click on download link provided below and keep enjoying your webcam without spending a dime.

For your DriodCam Click Here and for your Iriun Click Here they both have the same function so you can download any of the two.

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