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How To Install WordPress Files From Cpanel

Are you a WordPress user? I once wrote about different between Blogger platform and WordPress which I expect no one to find it difficult to make decision on where to go. However, the two platform is good depending on your join even though they have advantages and disadvantages over another. But I always encourage upcoming Blogger to start with Google Blogger platform because so many time whosoever coming into Blogging might yet to defined the purpose why he want to start blogging which they might eventually abandon later on so starting with Blogger platform which is totally free will help you a lot.
Over the time have met people complaining about difficulties they go through when trying to upload files into WordPress but today I'm going to show you an alternative instead of going through the normal conventional dashboard method which is using cpanel option. This is very simple just like the other method, am sure you've heard about cpanel before so all you need to do is to follow the steps below and watch the video so as to catch the glitch of every steps we about to mention.

Here you go.....

  • Login to your cpanel dashboard.
Note : if you don't know your login details then go through your provider, that is where you purchase your service.

  • Locate the particular hosting service you want to modify, that is the hosting that you want to install files on.
  • After that, locate the File Manager and from there double click on public_html.
  • Also locate wp_content which mean your WordPress Content, double click again.
Note : You'd going to see many folders, locate and double click plugins if you are installing plugin files and theme if it's theme files.

  • Tap on upload which at the menu bar and locate your file in your computer folder where you download to and install.
A progress bar in blue will start moving from 1% through 100%, after the completion you notice it changing to gree which tells you that it has been completed.

  • Their's always a link below the upload, click on it to return back to the folders, repeat that over and over if you have many folders to upload.
  • After that, right click on the particular upload folder to extract.
If you have followed the process then you've been successful with your files upload.

  • Meanhwile last you need to go to your plugin section or theme on your WordPress dashboard to activate.
  •  That's all! You are good. Watch the video below for more explanation.
Have you followed the steps above if yes, then you shouldn't have any issue again installing your files directly from cpanel. If you also have any update, suggestion, questions to ask then feel free, here is guru cycle they're always read. Thumbs up

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