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Step By Step Guide To Chrome clear Browser History On Android

If you are chrome browser user then you might have gotten a reason sometimes to clear your history, cache and password due to some privacy.

Several people make some silly mistake leaving their history and other security on borrow device which is not actually good, if at all you are meant to use some else device then you need to clear your history and other important files.

However, if you do not know how to do this then I will be guiding you through on how to do that on your android phone.

To get started, open Google Chrome on your Android phone or tablet.

Tap the three-dot menu at the top right.

Next, tap “History” in the context menu.

If you want to clear specific entries, you can tap the search icon at the top. Tap the “X” next to any entry to remove it.

To delete your browsing history in bulk, tap “Clear Browsing Data.”

Under the “Basic” tab, you can choose how far back you want to clear data with the “Time Range” option. Make sure “Browsing History” is selected, and then tap “Clear Data.

The “Advanced” tab has a few more options, but they aren’t necessary to clear your browsing history.

It really is as simple as that. You can do this as often as you’d like to keep your history clear.

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